Special Event Beauty Timeline

Autumn brings with it beautiful colors, a break from the summer heat, and the numerous special events that are commonplace this time of year. If you are preparing for a special event it is easy to be tempted to do a skincare overhaul, but is that really in your best interest? Follow our timeline to make sure you look your best on your special day!


WATER, WATER, WATER: No matter your skin type, water is your skin's best friend! When your skin is dehydrated, it can over-produce oil to compensate for the lack of moisture in the skin. Proper hydration will plump the skin creating the appearance of a smooth more radiant skin tone.

MAKEUP BRUSHES: Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly prevents bacteria from spreading to your products and face.



If you are getting married, it may be best to apply your tan two days before your wedding day to make sure you have removed any trace of cosmetic bronzer or lingering smell before slipping into your white dress. Otherwise, to achieve the deepest tan possible, apply sunless tanner the evening before your special event.

Tips to achieving a great sunless tan:

1. Make sure to shave and exfoliate thoroughly before applying your self-tanner.

2. Rinse your body well with a PH balanced cleanser such as Summer's Eve. Many body washes and soaps leave a film on the skin that can prevent your tan from developing as deeply or as evenly as desired.

3. After your first shower, moisturize your face and body as many sunless tanning products can dry out the skin.

One Week Before:

FACIAL WAXING: When possible, avoid facial waxing for at least one week before any event. Waxing can cause swelling, redness and occasionally a reaction that resembles a breakout. When waxing above the brows or along the cheeks, it will leave a line of demarcation that is very difficult to camouflage with makeup. If you are within a week of your event date and have stray hairs, consider dermaplaning, threading, or tweezing instead.

One Month Before:

FACIALS: Everyone enjoys a little pampering! However, unless you are getting routine facials monthly, it may be best to hold off. Facials deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin and can cause trapped oil and bacteria to surface, resulting in an unwanted pimple to creep up right before your event.

If you want your skin in tip-top shape, begin facial treatments three or more months before your event. Otherwise, (unless directed to by a dermatologist) it is best not to add to or change your current routine within a month of your event.

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